Counselor Summer Summit: Tech Industry Leaders Presenting to Secondary Education Counselors

Over the past five years, Nelson has recruited over 100 tech industry leaders to present on Utah STEM career preparation to more than 850 secondary education counselors per year at its annual conference in Heber City, Utah. The following list is just a sample of some of the presentations that will be part of the June 8, 2016 conference.

Futuristic Look at the Next 100 Years in Technology and the Impact to Careers
Jerry Ropelato, President and CEO, WhiteClouds
[Member of the UTC Board of Trustees]

Skating to Where the Puck is Going to Be: Technology – That’s Where the Jobs Are
Joe Swenson, President and CEO, ImagineLearning
[Member of the UTC Board of Trustees]

1,000 New STEM Jobs in 5 Years: Career Insights of an HR Exec Who’s Been There & Done That
Stephanie Meredith, Director of Human Resources, EMC

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly on Student Readiness for STEM Careers
Tyra Crocket, Senior Manager, North America Oracle Academy, Oracle

Why Modern Technology Needs Women!
Kathryn Murphy, VP of Engineering, Demandware

STEMatch: The Mobile App Connecting Educators with Industry Mentors and Resources
Brent Petersen, Field Marketing Manager, Comcast Spotlight
Tamara Goetz, Director, STEM Action Center
[UTC raised over $40 million from legislature — directed for math students and teachers]

5 Ways Technology Can Positively Influence a Student’s Personal Brand
Brad Petersen, COO, Patriot VUE

How to Get Your Students Hired in the Technology Industry
Mark Newman, CEO and Founder, HireVue
[A young entrepreneur that has raised over $90 million]

Closing Gaps: Interviewing with Power
Tom Lund, Director of Practice Development, Tanner LLC

Charting a Students Future Success through Vision Boards
Cody Broderick, Founder and CEO, inWhatLanguage

Information Technology Opportunities that are in High Demand and Low Supply
Vance Checketts, Vice President and General Manager, EMC
[Member of the UTC Board of Trustees, and has hired over 1,000 employees in Utah’s tech industry]

Opportunities in Changing Times
Chet Linton, President and CEO, School Improvement Network
[Chairman of the UTC Board of Trustees, and leads a thriving company with 250 employees]

Not All College Degrees Are Created Equal
Sen. Howard Stephenson, Utah State Senator